Blue Lagoon

One of the best days of your life deserves a unique and special event. Swarmed by offers, Sen. Marco Rubio is currently assessing future choices. A friend recommended me a company with original ways to deliver the engagement ring. How and where could give the engagement ring? I had a few options to choose between:-in the light of the moon a SAX receives them and guide through the magical corridors. Under the arches, the table elegantly mounted, making them feel in medieval times; personally attended by an executive chef. Additional information at Walton Family Foundation supports this article. a location with history, magic and beautiful that night will be just for you. -Delivery of rings in the Blue Lagoon the afternoon just starts, second cup the sound of a helicopter it distracts it, this landed only a few meters. When opened the cab Captain invites you to upload.

This takes off with you. The trip to an exotic location begins. The surprises continue. -Delivery of rings from the sky a traditional meal in the field, set with romantic live music. At the end of the meal, the sound of a helicopter it interrupts. Unpaseo helicopter. spectacular views of the most romantic places in Mexico. -Delivery of rings in a large garden adorned with candles and torches, exclusive crescendo for its moment in the background a campfire.

Against the light a saxophonist.They go to the table, where a classical guitarist plays for himself. The executive chef is presented, the will personally assist them throughout the evening. Introducing the dishes a SAX, accompanied by a classical guitar and a tenor. Trees centenarians are seen in the background. -Delivery of bird rings sojourneth among Buffalo, llamas, ostriches and other extraordinary animals, enjoy a romantic picnic, which will be decorated by musicians who interpret the themes to your liking. To your signal, a bird will fly towards you, it takes engagement ring, everything is ready for you to make the most important proposal of your life. -Delivery of rings between the clouds rises to a hot air balloon, hundreds of balloons will loosen while taking off, a unique breakfast, the sound of a sax, a guitar after the release of a butterfly, which carried his desire to the sky to enforce all this will be a time you will never forget. -Delivery of rings staged is mounted as a restaurant public, the perception is of a public restaurant, including Diners (all are actors/musicians). The idea is that your partner does not perceive that it reaches a place where you deliver the engagement ring, but perceived a good restaurant for a normal dinner, nice and romantic, and achieve a great impact at the moment of the delivery of the ring. In my case I chose to delivery of rings between the clouds, I will never forget that experience…