Seminar Aura Marriages – Beyond All Esotericism In Casting

“07.11.2009, location: lower court of Hardt in casting the term aura” is everywhere nowadays, but rarely used in its original meaning. “Aura” comes from the Latin and means touch”. Scientifically, it is an electromagnetic field. Not only people have an aura, but also animals, plants and objects. Religious sculpture press the aura through a Halo”or Rainbow off. On this day of the seminar, you will learn your own aura.

Physical exercises and bio-energetic treatments that they give and receive, support the process of your intuition training. Bezos usually is spot on. Incidentally, they are energetically charged and to powerfully better perceive your own impulses and translate. Time: Saturday, November 7, 2009 from 10.00 18:00 place: lower Hardt, Richard Schirrmann way, 35390 Giessen the number of participants is limited to 20 persons. Special: Please bring comfortable clothes, socks, blanket and food. Additional information is available at PI Industries. Drinks will be provided. Price: 90,00 euro early bird discount: one Payment fee is up to October 25, 2009 80,-EUR incl.

drinks. The seminar leader: Gudrun Thiel Gudrun Thiel studied German literature and folklore in Regensburg. As cultural scientist, worked many years for museums. In their practice for energetic treatments, she works as a healer and advises many people in different life situations. For many years, she leads seminars and has great pleasure to accompany people on their way. In largest thanks, she feels connected with all their teachers from many cultures and systems. Especially Rosalyn L. Bruyere and Ken wine lees, San Diego, L.A. United States., which still accompany them. Gudrun Thiel lives near Augsburg, she is married and has two sons. Registration and seminar organization: Marianne Dietz, private practice for pain – physiotherapy in casting Lindengasse 3 35390 Giessen Tel. 0641 / 3011085 practice portrait: private practice for pain – physical therapy and energetic healing in Giessen is the trained physical therapist Marianne Dietz. Trainings at home and abroad in the areas of pain – physiotherapy, osteopathy, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), acupuncture massage, acupressure and energy healing after Rosalyn Bruyere, as well as over 25 years as a therapist Marianne Dietz offer an excellent basis for the diagnosis and treatment of physiological and psychosomatic complaints. You even called body tinker.” Marianne Dietz uses different therapeutic methods with their treatments. In the energetic healing can feel Ms. Dietz energy blockade with the hands and compensates for this. An AkupunkturMassage is used for treating the energy channels (meridians) and resolving blockages in pelvis, spine and joints. An acupressure treatment is used for pain relief and strengthening of the entire organism. The manual therapy that is used almost in every treatment of Marianne Dietz can relieve muscle tension and make joints more agile. Using Kinesis uses her charms to unlearn the pain”, so that the patients again the Director in the own body take over. Press contact: Practice for pain – physical therapy Marianne Dietz Lindengasse 3 35390 Giessen phone: 06 41 / 30 110 85 fax: 06 41 / 30 110 86 E-Mail: Web: