Dealing With Power In The Web 2.0 Age

What is power only so seductive? And why is it so dangerous? One thing is certain: communities need systems of order, power structures and hierarchies. The clarification of the order is therefore necessary and is a high priority. You can overdo it but also powerful. And then no less than the future costs. Power and fear are a few where power is, is also afraid. The fear of those who are pushing upward, i.e.: to miss the connection. And the fear of those who already have arrived, is: to lose their powers and privileges related. Per above, the deeper the case. It is so stressful being in power – if you want to stay in power. Interpersonal cold is still the smallest evil in such a context. Especially human resources and talents are wasted in a big way, because it builds up a scenario of threats, intrigue, envy and jealousy on – connected to control delusions and deals in backrooms. Employees who see through such destructive machinations or self the game ball, are emotionally charged and deprived of any motivation. Who is bad, who thinks and is slower and is blocked for much. This leads to distrust and performance degradation, Unpleasantries and frequent errors, to customized mediocrity, to lahmender fear, frustration and turnover. At the end, there are a few apparent winner – and many losers. Fear, envy and suspicion are the biggest enemies of a culture of success. They are particularly common where cultivated a strong rivalry. The each against every principle produced possibly imposing individual successes, but discouraged the mass of players. Corporate top services are nowadays so often complex, informally networked team, where everyone only then gladly does his best, if the joint success is promoted, praised and celebrated. Where a smooth team effort promises the greatest success, egomaniacs that poison the air, can not be tolerated simply.