Green Light For The Blue Angel

Green letter of the Federal Government: green light for the Blue Angels when it comes to the digital future of the country, “The Federal Government Commissioner for information technology” is responsible. Several times a year he publishes the ‘Green Letter’. The latest issue of the German IT development report deals with policy requirements and design issues like ‘Green IT’ and ‘Energy efficiency’ in particular but also with the Blue Angel ‘ and the erecon AG. The Green letter indicates exemplary projects the necessary space to describe in detail their strategy: escaped such as for example the University of Berlin thanks to Green IT of the cost spiral of their energy costs. The BITKOM industry association explains how 37.5 million computer jobs in future resource-efficient could be operated. The head of IT in the Federal Ministry for the environment describes the function that can have an energy-management software. While the head of the Board er step Institute for sustainability 8 TWh of energy describes how approaching in Germany could save annually by intelligent solutions. Of course the practice Gets a word in the midst of all this institutional experts.

On the seventh page of the book interested will find for example a long interview with Harald Rossol, Chief Executive Officer of erecon AG. He explains the reasons that led him as a pioneer for Green IT in Germany, to certify his company as first data center for the ‘Blue Angel’ in the field of IT there on the model of his company. It was always his goal to meet the State-of-the-art claim before any other “.” If the erecon AG now seek the coveted certificate as first data center, then it is matter also own pioneering role in sustainable IT services to document in particular but about an own example to show off the economic potential, which open up a consistent Green IT strategy any companies with a high volume of data. Anyone looking for the interview or an interview appointment with the erecon CEO, please apply Christina Meyer: 0421 69499414 to the Green letter’ the following link interested:… Klaus Jarchow, Press Secretary erecon AG