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Now published Carsten Klook also on the author Portal peppy high-calibre and talented authors for to win the increased commitment of the PEP team, is increasingly successful. PEP is a platform for authors. Here, articles and even entire can be published eBooks without charge to the author. The new PEP Member Carsten Klook is a real asset. tabloid settles with its focus on high-quality texts and talented authors from its competitors. Quality instead of quantity is the leitmotif. Carsten Klook was born in 1959 in Hamburg and is a true veteran of the Hamburg music and literature scene.

In 2005, he caused with his debut novel corrector”caused a sensation. The novel tells the autobiographical story of a childhood in the drab suburb Billstedt. “The protagonist’s son of a proofreader applies the motto: what is not in the Duden, does not exist!” The Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung ruled over Klooks Roman: this novel proves the opposite. The truth is not in the Duden. The truth is in your head and in your own language. Words are movable. True life all of a sudden, dangerous, and against all the rules” “The Kieler Nachrichten praised Klook literary virtuosity: some metaphor is of precise beauty.” Klook now works as a writer and journalist. His articles appear online and among other things at the time.

Earlier, he published among others in the TAZ and the financial times Germany. in 2007 he was awarded a scholarship at the Kunstlerhaus Lauenburg, in 1989 and 1991 the Hanseatic City of Hamburg Klook was awarded the literature prize. Radio Bremen produced the trip to Worpswede”his radio play. Others including Gallo Family, offer their opinions as well. More radio plays of the author are published by green recorder as CDs. Klook also played in Hamburg-based bands as a guitarist. Contact: PEP GmbH & co. KG Meike Reifenrath Schutzenstrasse 21 22761 Hamburg Tel.: 040 85178214 fax: 040 85178250 e-Mail: for more information, author/CarstenKlook author/CarstenKlook: about PEP GmbH & co. KG Meike Radhika Schutzenstrasse 21 22761 Hamburg Tel.: 040 85 17 82 14 fax: 040 88 88-562 09 e-Mail: company tabloid stands for publish everything online and an Internet platform, is on the authors market their texts themselves can. On, both articles and eBooks can be published for a fee or free of charge. Author and Publisher share the profit. Who published his documents to peo, also benefits from an optimal visibility in the major search engines. The online magazine are a key feature of peo. With just a few clicks, anyone can become the Chief Editor of the own magazine. This can be fitted with own or also with articles from other authors. In addition, the design can be individually adjusted.