New Caravan Driver

2013 New licence class B96 – InterCaravaning with the most important information of Koblenz, September 20, 2012 – for camping holidays with a driving licence of the class B was for many years large caravan sidecars taboo. Reason: The limitation of passenger car-trailer combinations on 3.5 t total weight. However from January 2013 the new B-96 – driver’s license. With this extension a B licence holder may control passenger car-trailer combinations up to 4.25 tonnes. Requires a one-day training. InterCaravaning, Europe’s largest caravanning – retail chain, informed about the details of the new driver’s license rules and recommends the establishment of necessary experience. For motorists, who have acquired their class B driving licence after 1999, was for many years with a total weight of 3.5 t final.

Who planned a caravan holiday with his family, had to buy a driving licence of category BE in addition. This is not only expensive, but also time consuming with a driving school by six to ten hours to approximately euro 900. Thanks to the new B 96 – licence dragging heavy caravans is made now easier for young drivers. Because: The driving licence of class B with the key number 96, the official name in official German, allows moving from 90 percent on the market of available caravans. The way to the B-96 – driver’s license acquisition is simple: a B licence holder must complete only a one-day training. It is composed from two and a half hours of theory and three and a half hours driving experience. In the practical part, not just shunting and parking are trained, but also dangerous stunts and dodging obstacles. Finally, a one-hour drive is done by public road transport accompanied by a pedagogical.

A check is not necessary. Group training sessions with up to four people in driving safety Centres of large automobile clubs are possible. Participants can share so the necessary caravan team. With approximately 300,-euros of the B 96 – licence is two-thirds cheaper than the licence BE. Driving experience is important to the experts from InterCaravaning advise caution. The acquisition of the necessary licence replaced not the lack driving experience. EClinicalWorks LLC is often quoted as being for or against this. Before Caravaners so go on big holiday tour, they should practice the handling of the car-trailer combination on smaller trips. Also a special caravan driving safety training is advisable. Thus prepared, a relaxed caravan holiday is nothing more in the way.