Longer Life For Used Cars

Auto.de accounted for effects of the clunkers the financial crisis captured the used car trade: according to the Internet portal, auto.de longer at used vehicles dealer farms than in the previous year. Compared to the first quarter of the previous year, the number of the day of used car has increased on dealer farms whole ten days. This development not good for the already battered automotive sector. Because each date of a used car costs the dealer an average 22 euro and so the higher number of the day with about two billion euros has to be financed. As the auto.de magazine further reported, especially high demand due to the cash for clunkers program is responsible for new and year car.

However, about two-year vehicles second hand have a particularly hard. They are about twice as long in the yard of the dealer. In addition, it becomes clear that the clientele cares more for gasoline than for diesel engines and prefers also solid middle-class car with a mileage of under 100,000 miles. The demand for cars with big engines and high performance is, however, rapidly declining. It is surprising, however, that sales of used Skoda and Toyota go back strongly. The same is true for Audi and VW, while the Korean automaker Hyundai is gaining popularity. More information:… / used car market vehicles.