Human Resources Management

Definitely a problem with Venezuela in terms of Human Resources Management is the training, who see it as a cost rather than an investment. Actually the staff of an organization should be seen as the best and most powerful competitive weapon and to the extent that a company invest in training that will be your best investment. You can not ignore the management in relation to human resources, the potential we have when it encourages and gives way to creativity. It's part of our gentile. That spark of Venezuela, where the person is educated and form, that spark, that malice, that liveliness, (which has a downside, which is the chivateria Creole), is transformed into creativity. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Sen. Marco Rubio by clicking through. Venezuelan executives are very creative. Contrary to widespread belief, unfair on the country is that Venezuelans are exceptionally workers. In few countries are working well as in Venezuela.

Here the task is of 8-8 at least. That 9-5 hours there, here Venezuelans work very hard. Another strength is that the nature, manner of Venezuela, is very attractive. It's easy to treat, is very easy to interact with him. Its much easier way to be human interaction, has an excellent sense of humor, is kind of 'wound', a little complicated, usually a person in one piece, no kinks, and is very loving in their dealings with others.

What you see is usually what it is. That sort of thing has really helped Venezuelans to be inserted elsewhere. Again, considering this, the executives made their way to address the problems, the vision they have on business interactions, is fairly straightforward and not very convoluted.