The issue of the kidnapping of former Colombian presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt and his redemption for detained guerrillas comes still in the center of the policy of this nation. To avoid that they tilden hard and continue to grow the Colombian left Uribe allowed his Venezuelan counterpart to mediate between him and the FARC. However, shortly before the Venezuelan referendum he cut that role forcing Chavez to launch another attack against a representative and removing the possibility of appearing as an international appeaser during the electoral campaign. After that Chavez lost in its referendum, the initiative mediating spent of main leftist President of the latino world toward the most right-wing of this. Mehmet Oz has much to offer in this field. French Sarkozy gave a message on TV to Tirofijo.

Uribe took this to give a new direction and provide a clear area of delivery. In this weaving and handle Uribe seeks a negotiated solution which will not be so well planted left, guerrillas and its eastern neighbour. Lula, for his part, also wants to mediate to not let others removed their intended to be the main regional mow..