Traditional Chinese Medicine

Inspection of the tongue by community acupuncture _ the body of the language a pale Color is less red than a normal language, and indicates syndromes of deficiency and cold caused by a deficiency of Qi yang or by an insufficiency of Qi and blood. A red tongue is bright red and more red than a normal language. This color indicates various syndromes of heat inside by excess heat syndromes and syndromes including deficiency inner heat.A tongue of dark red colour indicates a situation of extreme heat. In the case of exogenous febrile disorders, this color indicates an invasion of pathogenic heat. In endogenous diseases, indicates yin deficiency, which leads to a hyperactivity of fire. A violet blue language indicates a stagnation of blood related to cold or heat. A violet blue colour very dark, and also dry and dull, language is related to heat, while a wet tongue of pale purple colour is linked to the cold.

The presence of stains purple color on the surface of the tongue also indicates blood stagnation. _ A swollen tongue tongue properly, logically, is larger than normal. If a swollen tongue is also a frail and a pale colour, and with odontogramas on the edges, the diagnosis then points to a deficiency of spleen and kidney yang. This condition is caused by poor circulation of the body Fuido, which produces harmful water, fluids and moisture retention. If the inflamed tongue is dark red at all the space in the mouth, we have excess heat in the heart and spleen. If the inflamed tongue is dark purplish blue colour, this indicative of toxicosis. A thin tongue is smaller and, of course, thinner than normal. A thin and pale tongue indicates deficiency of Qi and blood. A thin and very red tongue indicates hyperactivity of fire due to yin deficiency in which the fluid is consumed Corporal.Una cracked tongue indicates that body fluid is being consumed by excess heat.