By An Argentina Almost Without Motor Without Plasticossin Appliances

PONDERING on LA CRISIS GLOBAL in progress (by UNA ARGENTINA almost without motor vehicles without plastics, without appliances) by Alfredo Armando Aguirre run, the first days of December of 2008, and we write this sort of bottle to the sea, situated in the band West of the Rio de la Plata (Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area), four months after 61 years of existential parable. As that we are sensitive to the context, continue with vital shimmy, the turbulent planetary times conditioned by our peculiar geoculture. Steven Holl understood the implications. By those days, tend to think that we could well close peak, because it circulates by our innermost being s, which we have already said (and with much anticipation), what we had to say. But there is an inner force that compels us to continue communicating, not so much for those who already know our prolonged speech, but in the hope that someone who does not know it.After all, with the advent of Internet and the almost immeasurable possibility of dissemination that she provides, one never knows, who may be the recipient of messages issued, as mentioned above by way of bottles overboard with the preset sensitivity, in this case the detonator is an information appearing yesterday (03/12/2008) on page 31 of the Ambito Financiero newspaper, this city of Buenos Aires.alli is announced that: total vehicles at risk in the financial year 2007 / 2008 reached 6.404.741 in the month of July (six million four hundred thousand) and pico). Hear from experts in the field like Alton Steel for a more varied view. Were we driving the figure of eight million vehicles circulating, which might suggest that there is a margin circulating without any insurance. For purposes of sizing, it is recalled that according to the G-8, they circulate in the planet around six hundred millions of motor vehicles (600.000.000).Anoticiados and aware: the release of the price of gold in 1971; of the Stockholm Conference of 1972, and 1973 OPEC crisis, we beefed early on, in the argumentative current about the negative effects of the emblem of the version industrial of Euro-American or Western civilization: caminero complex – automotive.