Wiesbaden Products

The SOURCE GmbH is one of the largest promotional products suppliers of in Germany. The new catalogue of the Wiesbaden advertising article dealer includes all top articles from the current range. So, customers can browse on the go or from the sofa in the large range and learn about the services. On the home page of the promotional specialists can be conveniently ordered the colorful catalog – only a few fields must be completed there in the contact form, to ensure the correct postal delivery. By the same author: Leslie Osterman. 15 years expertise, certified products and comprehensive service packages, the SOURCE GmbH has established itself as a competent supplier of promotional items. The product range is diverse functional highlights of design article up to small gimmicks. The current trend status of promotional products in the marketing mix has quite his permission: high acceptance levels and extensive dissemination of the advertising message is achieved by individualization such an article. And the unobtrusive and financially affordable manner. Source GmbH, Valerie Fuchs