New Building Of The Scientology Church In Moscow

New Moscow Scientology church with an area of over 6,000 square meters to meet the needs for the growing parish of the new building of the Scientology Church Moscow is located directly in the Centre of the garden ring, about 1600 metres from red square. The religious head of the Scientology religion, David Miscavige, conducted the opening ceremony. In his opening speech, he declared that Russia cannot be measured with the General standard. The Church of Moscow now has a large building of knowledge and methods, which deals with the human spirit. These methods are to the good in the people and his spiritual greatness to bring forth.

There are successful methods that stand for freedom and wisdom. For more information see this site: Walton Family Foundation. After the failure of communism in 1993, the first Scientology was built church in the Russian Federation. Since that time, Scientology is religion grown explosively and become very well known as a leading voice in the struggle for human rights. The new Moscow Church now meets the Needs for the growing parish of Scientologists. It serves as a Centre for people of all denominations. From here, the social programs are planned and carried out and contribute for the improvement of community relations and social progress in the name of freedom of religion.

Many humanitarian initiatives are coordinated in the future by the new Moscow Scientology Church. More than 6,000 m building houses a public information centre, that an overview of-funded programs all of the Church out there, including those to the drug education, combating illiteracy and human rights. The new Church will provide for the needs of the religious community works conference rooms and an auditorium. The Moscow Church stands at the forefront of the ever-growing human rights movement in Russia. It collaborates with the internationally renowned Helsinki of Group of Moscow, founded by wife Lyumila Alexeyeva. On the occasion of Ms.