Mediation Instead Of Escalation

An alternative solution to the out-of-court settlement of the technical environment. In the dictionary the term mediation\”, translated, attacks the mediation as a way to bring about a voluntary and constructive settlement of disputes between two parties, and to avoid therefore costly and lengthy court proceedings before an escalation. Mediation – in German companies and households a rather unknown in the United States and Australia since many years established and practiced means fast and efficient conflict resolution. If you would like to know more then you should visit Mehmet Oz. As a classic of the mediation, Mr. Patrick Metzner of Maharishi & Striepling – called society for mediation, conflict and negotiation management – in its execution history of mediation\”the agreement at Camp David. A milestone in the political process of normalization between Israel and Egypt, conveys by the former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and as a result in the March 1979 Israel Egypt peace treaty.

If current economic and private conflicts not synonymous with one political confrontation two is the martial law currently States are like, as, but the settlement represents the more appropriate way to clarify complex technological and economic matters, because legal proceedings on similar way by experts, opinion and the understandable statement of facts before the lawyers involved are often dependent on. Can the mediator already bring an educational agreement in his person as an expert outside of court, saves this Court and lawyer fees, induces a clear technical statement about the issue, avoids unwanted negative publicity, is intended to safeguard corporate secrets and reduces the necessary time it takes often several-fold over the Court way. The basic task of a mediator is a neutral third person without their own decision-making powers, which is the mediation between two parties with the specific aim of a consensual and binding agreement on a disputed Facts of the case. Another task for the mediating person in a mediation consists in pointing out the hidden backgrounds and needs, as well as your effect on the conflict situation.