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Water sports enthusiasts generally rely on the services provided by Bremen rescue and DGZRS. They do excellent work in the air-sea rescue. DPo7 marine radio, the private coastal radio operators on the North and Baltic Sea, however, is not only many German skippers as roadside helper”trusts. Whether an accident aboard a sailing 18641867 in April in which a skipper suffered a torn Achilles tendon, or more recently a skipper couples before the island Mon, who asked marine wind lull and an engine failure for help about the working channels of DPo7. The coastal radio operators reported an increase in so-called mild distress cases especially. “” We realize that we through our active service, particularly through our 5 x daily broadcast with the shipping forecast and the cult Conference, often much closer to the skippers turn are.

“This”, the proprietor of Captain Dietzel, believed an important creates Trust to the boat owners and we eliminate fears. “Or Jaqueline” Lukas”, which speak 10-year young radio under the guidance of the skipper, who love skipper the first time the carrier button” presses or the Dutch guest visitor information via VHF “requested, our friendly operator will assist further. You know us, we know who we are and our customers say that we really care. And the mines driving not only in the weather, the current shooting times, bridge opening time,”in the Fehmarn Belt or travel – reports, which incidentally also make an important contribution to security. You know and feel that we are personally committed to the well-being of our customers.” Many water sports enthusiasts experience the service of DPo7 marine radio year after year, and for many, the familiar voice of KPT Dietzel and his operator among the Board everyday. Current topics and information are daily new carefully researched by DPo7, as well as his famous Conference of Borkum Bornholm discussed and create an important sense of security. DELTA p 07 is perhaps not only with his name for some paternal, at the service of Dietzel, who just around the clock, from March to October has an ear on the airwaves for its customers. The sympathetic owner sees every new customer grateful as confirmation and encouragement for the further maintenance and expansion of safety services irreplaceable for the water sports.

The operators of the German coast radio stations feels motivated, again on the new, when by his assistance, his customers grateful and healthy can look back on a good sponsorship season. DPo7 marine radio is a privately owned company by the sole proprietor of Captain Reiner Dietzel, who after the closure of the parastatal coast radio stations of Telecom at 31 December 1998 (Norddeich radio), receives the German coast radio stations alive and is expanding. DPo7 reaches 45,000 maritime authorities reported to the Federal Network Agency on German boats. 5 times daily around the water sports, live in the cult show for all the DPo7 support the shipping forecast as well as area information. DPo7 service: AAIC, Funkverkehrsabrechnung(weltweit); Marine radio calls via VHF; Placement of relay calls; MEDICO Gesprache(24h Funkarztliche Beratung erhalten); Travel reports; Lake radio telegram; AIS Watchkeeper(Yachtuberwachung auf See und INDEM Hafen); Mediation guest berths; Service and support for all of the charterer and skipper.